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Christian Action Ministry

General Overview: Thanks to the wisdom of our founding pastors, 5% of the weekly collection is reserved for Christian Action Ministry use. The money is only a starting point as Christian Action relies on the ongoing donations of clothing, food and household items, from our parishioners and community, to be successful. Christian Action is a parish ministry outreach to research, facilitate and initiate charitable works within the parish and community. To accomplish this, it is essential that we maintain an awareness of the physical and emotional concerns of our parish and community. We assist parishioners, and those within our community, in times of crisis, promote an awareness of the needs of the underprivileged, and provide the opportunity for parish members to become directly involved with charitable works.

We are able to help clients with food, clothing and financial assistance. Sometimes we are able to meet special needs requests. We work closely with other agencies and churches in our community to offer assistance to those in need. We provide information to clients and also offer referrals to other organizations for additional assistance.

We serve our twinning parish, Immaculate Heart of Mary, throughout the year with events such as: the Lenten Parish-to-Parish drive; Back-to-School supplies; Thanksgiving food boxes and Christmas Giving Tree gifts. IHM also makes a weekly donation pickup of food, clothing, etc., from our Christian Action office. Several other social agencies make weekly donation pickups that mainly service our community.

Christian Action facilitates many activities throughout the year such as: the Crop Walk; Habitat for Humanity builds; Helping Hands; and the Lenten Soup Kitchens. The Respect Life and Social Justice groups are vital, active members of the social ministry community of St. Bernadette's. Our Parish Social Ministries serve as forums for our parishioners to express their faith in action.


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