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Helping Hands

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

As soon as Hurricane Harvey left town, volunteers of all ages showed up at Christian Action and accomplished great things for agencies like:

  • The Mercy Tree - filled two SUVs to the brim with sleeping bags, bug spray, ball caps and denim jeans so they could help the homeless in our area.
  • The Missing Piece - supplied all 25 teens currently in the program with new school supplies.
  • Loaves and Fishes - completely filled two pick-up trucks with fresh food and supplies, including over 6000 foam plates so they could continue to serve lunch daily to 200-400 people.
  • Family Promise of Clear Creek - outfitted 20 beds with sheets, blankets and pillows, and had enough towels and washcloths for 40 people and provided 200 children with snacks for after school so they could help homeless families get back on their feet.
  • Community in Schools - provided enough school supplies for 300 children in public schools.


  • Filled 1600 13-gallon bags of clothing for Sagemont Church to distribute
  • Collected enough laundry soap to do over 1000 loads of laundry!
  • Served over 400 meals to work crews in Dickinson.

Thanks so much to everyone for their generosity and outpouring of support: from donating items, to sorting and packing up those items for delivery; from running errands for things needed to cooking meals for those in Dickinson, and lending a hand and muscles with clean-up.

You are a living example of Christ in our midst. God Bless You!

Hurricane Harvey Donations