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Want to participate in the liturgy?
Here are some ways to do so:
  • As an altar server
  • As a linen washer
  • As a candle wax cleaner
  • As a church/sanctuary straightener
  • By sewing
  • By helping with seasonal set-up/decoration
  • As a daily Mass sacristan
  • As a Baptismal host/hostess
  • As a wedding host/hostess
  • At (V) Children's Liturgy of the Word
  • As a flower designer
  • With seasonal plant care
  • By carrying up the gifts
  • As an usher ¹
  • As an greeter ¹
  • As an Extraordinary Minister of Communion ¹
  • As a lector ¹
(V) - VIRTUS training required
1 - VIRTUS training required since 2012

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