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Junior High -- Faith Formation

The Junior High Faith Formation program is another voyage of the Jr Highers’ lifelong journey of faith!  We meet on Sundays from 4:00 pm – 5:20 pm, finishing in time for families to attend 5:30 pm Mass. 

Our EDGE Evenings begin with all the 6th -8th graders together to hear the message of our faith presented to all the Jr Highers in large group. Then the Jr Highers go to their small groups, by grade level, to dig deeper into what was presented by discussing, faith sharing, and exploring our Catholic traditions.

Throughout the year there are more opportunities for workshops, rallies, retreats and social activities – see below for any upcoming events.

The common goal for all three grade levels is to help the Jr Highers deepen their knowledge and love for Jesus!


The Edge

6th Grade Fish Camp

August 8, 2018
Wednesday Evening
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Intermediate School – Will I survive??? Will I make friends??? Will I find allmy classes??? Will I sit with anyone at lunch??? Will I get my locker open???How does God fit into my life in Intermediate School???

So many questions--we have answers to help you!

"Seasoned" Jr. High "Guides" will help you get ready to face all these challenges.

Registration due by July 24th: $20 St B, $30 non-St. B (entering 6th grade in the fall)
Costs include: dinner, t-shirt, take home items

No charge for GUIDES (7th-9th grade in the fall and Virtus adults) -
Training meeting Thursday, August 2, 7-8 PM)

Click here to register and learn more


The Edge

Catholic Junior High Youth Ministry

THE EDGE is a complete Jr. High school youth ministry program designed and intended to bring our early adolescents closer to Jesus, the Catholic Church, the Sacraments and Sacred Scripture. Opened to sixth, seventh & eighth graders, THE EDGE meets the educational, spiritual, emotional and social needs of Jr. High youth all in one exciting ministry!

Make the commitment to Jesus, your Catholic faith and THE EDGE today!


Faith Formation

Click here for the 2018-19 Faith Formation Registration Form

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Click here for the Spring 2018 JrHigher Faith Formation Calendar
- updated as of 1-22-2018

Click here for the 2018-2019 Parent-Student handbook


The EDGE T-Shirts only $10

Will your current EDGE t-shirt fit this fall? 
You can pay for registration and an EDGE t-shirt with one check!

Please return order forms and $10. All sizes still available!

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"United by Christ, the St. Bernadette Faith Formation Team, welcomes, insipires, teaches, and supports everyone in their lifelong journey of faith." Faith Formation Team Vision

Marianne Bartos
Director of Junior High Faith Formation
281-486-0337 ext.113