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VIRTUS Safe Environment Program

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The VIRTUS® Protecting God’s Children for Adults Workshop (PGC) is a 3-hour session including 2 videos and facilitated discussions focusing on the prevention of abuse and the protection of children. Participants learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms that an adult is a potential risk of harm to children and how to know that a child is being abused or exploited in some way. In addition, they will learn about steps that the faith community can take to create a safe environment for all God’s children and how to respond when adults behave in a way that raises concerns. This workshop credit is valid for 5 years. After 5 years employees/volunteers will need to take the VIRTUS Protecting God's Children Online Awareness Session 3.0.

Protecting God's Children Online Awareness Session 3.0.

Protecting God's Children Online Awareness Session 3.0. is about an hour and fifteen minutes in length. Viewers become aware of the context and issues surrounding child sexual abuse, the methods and means by which offenders offend and the ways in which abuse affects victims, their families, the parish and the community. Participants are also empowered with action items and five easy steps to prevent and best respond to child sexual abuse, addressing warning signs, controlling access, screening, employee and volunteer selection, victim advocacy and reporting. Each registrant will receive an automated email from with a link to log into their VIRTUS account and begin the Protecting God's Children 3.0 online training. Once completed, this online refresher training will fulfill the 5 year compliance requirements of the Archdiocesan Safe Environment guidelines. All individuals must conclude the online training within three months of receiving the automated email.

For questions email our VIRTUS coordinator.

Taking VIRTUS for the 1st Time

PGC Workshop Schedule & Registration
The workshops are scheduled monthly at various parishes and locations across the Archdiocese. In order to attend a workshop, complete the following steps:

  1. To view a schedule of upcoming PGC workshops and pre-register: Go to  
  2. Click on the FIRST-TIME REGISTRANT button in the left margin
  3. Select 2nd item – View a list of sessions
  4. Select your organization – “Galveston-Houston, TX (Archdiocese)”
  5. View available sessions then click “Start Registration” at the top of the page
  6. For a detailed list of instructions download this pdf file.
  7. If you take the class at a parish other than St. B's, please email us and let us know the location and date.  Email the VIRTUS Coordinator
Refresher:  Protecting God's
Children Online Awareness
Session 3.0

Workshop Schedule and Registration (Only to be taken 5 years after completion of a PGC session)

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your account (You will have an account because you have already completed Virtus PGC Workshop).  If you don't remember your account information email our VIRTUS coordinator.
  3. Go to TOOLBOX tab
  4. Click on Code of Conduct. Sign your electronic volunteer code of conduct by clicking (Yes, I understand) it will then show the date you agreed.
  5. Sign your electronic background check. Please click (Yes, I agree), list any maiden, previous marriage names and enter your date of birth in the correct format.
  6. Update your account information such as (address, email, parish or school location)
  7. Note: Retaking the full class Protecting God's Children will count for the refresher.