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Faith Commitment Program

     At the inception of St. Bernadette Parish in 1977, objectives established by the early parish leaders were to develop a deep-rooted Catholic faith community in which we would consider ourselves a family and understand that as stewards we should become actively involved in nurturing the development of our parish family and those of the broader faith community. We also wanted to create a financial funding mechanism that would be consistent with the relatively rapid turnover in the area one-third of our parishioners each year.

     To this end, in 1977, our vision materialized as the Time, Talent and Treasure Faith Commitment Program. The key attributes of this program include: giving of our time and talent gifts for the development and nurturing of our new and growing St. Bernadette Church family as well as those in the community with special needs, making a strong financial commitment that would continue only while we were living in this community, there would be no parish fund raising activities the Sunday collection does it all, second collections would be minimized to those required/authorized by the bishop, and we would re-commit ourselves to the Time, Talent, and Treasure program on an annual basis.

     The Faith Commitment Program continues to utilize the gifts of our time, talent, and treasure to provide the skills, talents and financial resources needed to make each of our spiritual, educational, and charitable outreach activities possible. The success of the Faith Commitment Program has gone well beyond our expectations. The bills have been paid ahead of schedule, new facilities have been added to meet new or changing needs, and WE ARE FAMILY!