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The following "Gifts Discernment" is designed to help you discover what your gifts might be. THIS IS NOT A TEST. There is no right or wrong answers. Each statement has 3 possibilities. As you read each statement, reflect for a moment as to how it describes you, and then check the appropriate column.


Yes: I have positive feelings and much enjoyment
Sometimes: I have neutral feelings and modest enjoyment
No: I have negative feelings and no enjoyment, or DOES NOT APPLY.

(Required field) 1. I am able to organize ideas, things, times, and people for more effective results.

(Required field) 2. I receive much joy from working with my hands at various arts and crafts.

(Required field) 3. I find that my skills in building or repairing objects benefit others.

(Required field) 4. I like sharing with other people how God has changed my life.

(Required field) 5. There have been times when I have felt sure I knew God's specific will for the future, even when others have not been so sure.

(Required field) 6. I am so confident that God will meet my needs that I give to God sacrificially and consistently.

(Required field) 7. I find joy in being a help to someone who can utilize my help and concern.

(Required field) 8. I am comfortable with meeting new people in the parish.

(Required field) 9. I am able to motivate people into getting things done.

(Required field) 10. I enjoy doing things to comfort people during sickness or times of problems and/or anxiety.

(Required field) 11. When I am singing, I feel a great sense of joy.

(Required field) 12. I would enjoy being involved in an instrumental music presentation.

(Required field) 13. I appreciate being called on to do things for others.

(Required field) 14. I have enjoyed relating to a certain group of people over a long period of time, sharing personally in their success and failures.

(Required field) 15. I feel that I can communicate the Good News of Jesus to others so that they are helped.

(Required field) 16. When important decisions need to be made, I sense a confidence in God's guidance.

(Required field) 17. I enjoy learning new things of all kinds.

(Required field) 18. I am able to plan and administer programs which will be of benefit to others.

(Required field) 19. I enjoy the times that I am able to create beautiful items with my hands.

(Required field) 20. I enjoy the work necessary for gardening, landscaping, and other projects.

(Required field) 21. I feel comfortable telling others how God has changed my life.

(Required field) 22. When in a group, I am the one others often look to for vision and direction.

(Required field) 23. I am ready to forego certain privileges in order to give money to God's work.

(Required field) 24. When I serve the Lord, I really don't care who gets the credit.

(Required field) 25. I enjoy inviting visitors and guests in the parish to become involved in parish ministry.

(Required field) 26. I am able to lead small and/or large groups of people into making decisions.

(Required field) 27. I enjoy helping and working with those people who are ignored by others.

(Required field) 28. In the area of vocal music, I enjoy performing alone and/or in a group of singers.

(Required field) 29. When playing an instrument, I intuitively sense where the music is flowing, rather than relying completely on a written music score.

(Required field) 30. When other people ask me to lend a helping hand,I feel special.

(Required field) 31. I feel comfortable in leading a small group Bible study.

(Required field) 32. I find it rewarding to reach more people about the Lord.

(Required field) 33. When a person has a problem, as a Christian I can frequently see what is best to do.

(Required field) 34. I find it an enjoyable challenge to read and study a difficult book of the Bible.

(Required field) 35. I can easily delegate important responsibilities to other people.

(Required field) 36. I find joy in having a beautiful lawn, flowers, and shrubs which are properly placed and cared

(Required field) 37. The repair and maintenance of things comes easily to me.

(Required field) 38. It is easy for me to talk to other people about life and/or spiritual matters.

(Required field) 39. I am able to trust in the reliability of God when all else looks dim.

(Required field) 40. I am content to maintain a lower standard of living in order to financially benefit God's work.

(Required field) 41. When I do things behind the scenes and others are helped, I am joyful.

(Required field) 42. I am able to provide food or other items graciously and willingly to people who are in need.

(Required field) 43. When a group I am in is lacking organization, I tend to step in and fill the gap.

(Required field) 44. Sometimes when I help people out, I know they may not even say "thank you", but I still enjoy helping them.

(Required field) 45. I enjoy singing familiar Gospel songs with a group of fellow Christians.

(Required field) 46. I know my performance of instrumental music has been a blessing to others.

(Required field) 47. I respond cheerfully when asked to do a job, even if it seems menial.

(Required field) 48. I enjoy leading small groups of people, especially when I am able to show genuine care and concern for them.

(Required field) 49. I enjoy helping others learn things about Scripture which aid in building them up.

(Required field) 50. I can intuitively arrive at solutions to fairly complicated problems.

(Required field) 51. Knowledge of the Bible and of church teachings helps me to solve problems in daily life and in the life of the church.

(Required field) 52. I am able to set goals and objectives, and then make plans to reach them.

(Required field) 53. I find joy in painting pictures or in making handcrafted objects.

(Required field) 54. I find joy in lawn care and other outside maintenance.

(Required field) 55. When I share my faith with others, I see positive results in their lives.

(Required field) 56. I really believe that God will not let me down, even though everything around me seems to be falling apart.

(Required field) 57. I really enjoy giving my time and treasures to God's work.

(Required field) 58. I am able to assist key leaders to relieve them of detail work, so they can get back to their main jobs.

(Required field) 59. I am comfortable in greeting people I don't know.

(Required field) 60. People look to me as a leader when things need to be done.

(Required field) 61. I enjoy working with those less fortunate then me.

(Required field) 62. I am able to lead others in singing.

(Required field) 63. I enjoy using my instrumental music talents for the appreciation of my friends an to the glory of God.

(Required field) 64. I enjoy being a follower more than a leader.

(Required field) 65. I have brought friends or relatives back to faith who have strayed away.

(Required field) 66. I enjoy teaching children or adults about God.

(Required field) 67. If one of my friends is faced with a problem, I am able to sort out what God's will is for them.

(Required field) 68. Through study I have learned many helpful insights.


This inventory has given you a tentative evaluation of your gifts. The possible ministry categories are broad areas with many opportunities. This is only a guideline as you discern the gifts that God has blessed you with and how you might use them to build His Kingdom.

You may request for more information about the volunteer areas in the form below.


Administration Total:

The Holy Spirit enables some of us to motivate, direct and inspire God's people in such a way that they voluntarily and harmoniously work together to do the Church's work effectively. To exercise the gift of administration is to assume oversight for the proper execution of an organization or program (being in charge of people or things). This gift involves being able to put things together, tie up all the "loose ends" and get things done, setting a pattern for others to follow -- by direction, instruction, guidance, encouragement of example. Adeptness at financing, planning, organizing, delegating responsibilities and problem-solving can be indications of the gift of administration. read: Hebrews 13:7, Judges 3:10, Exodus 18:13-16

Possible ministry categories: Office Help, Telephone Ministries, Committees and Councils: Pastoral Council, Picnic Booth Leader, Health Fair Leader, Multicultural Festival, Parish receptions; Faith Formation Workshop Helper/Session Facilitator, Wedding Hostess, Baptismal Host/Hostess, Parish Gift Store.

Craftsmanship Total:

The Holy Spirit enables some of us to use our hands and minds to build up the Kingdom of God through artistic, creative means. To exercise the gift of craftsmanship one must have or develop a skill, be it a hobby or a vocation, and must be willing to share this ability with others either in finished products or in teaching others to do the skill. This gift involves any art or craft or skill, from painting to pottery, to woodwork or weaving, computer skills or photography -- any art or craft that can be used to the glory of God. read: Exodus 28:3-4, Jeremiah 18:1-6, Exodus 35:35

Possible ministry categories: Prayer Shawl Ministry, Flower Arranging, Handyman, Habitat for Humanity, Care for (Wash) Altar Linens & Towels, Plumbing Help, Sew as needed, Electrical Help, Lawn and Plant Care, Copy Educational DVD's/CD's, Decorate the Church for Christmas/Easter, Photographer, Videographer, Graphics Arts/Computer Help, Publicity/Marketing Help.

Evangelism Total:

The gift of evangelism will give you the power to share the Good News. The Holy Spirit enables some of us to share the Gospel with others in such a way that they come to know God. To exercise the gift of evangelism is to share one's faith within and beyond the parish. This gift involves an unabashed willingness to "be religious." read: Acts 8:26-40 , II Timothy 4:5

Possible ministry categories: Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Liturgical Ministries.

Faith Total:

The Holy Spirit provides some of us with extraordinary confidence in God's promises, power, and presence so that they can take heroic stands for the future of God's work in the church. This gift involves a healthy prayer life, sensitivity to the will of God, and a firm trust that God will come through, even when there is no concrete evidence. The gift of faith will allow you to see with confidence what God's will is for your life and, more importantly, for the Body of Christ you are a member of. You will have no fear of moving ahead, even though everything around you seems to be holding you back. read: Hebrews 11

Possible ministry categories: Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Liturgical Ministries, Prayer Ministries.

Giving Total:

The Holy Spirit enables some of us to offer their energies, abilities and material resources for the work of the church with exceptional willingness, cheerfulness and generosity. To exercise the gift of giving one operates out of a spirit of selflessness, requiring no recognition or reward for their giving. This gift involves offering one's time, energy, talent, skills, material possessions and money. The gift of giving will allow you to give liberally of your treasures and time. As you give, you will experience much joy and satisfaction. read: 2 Corinthians 8:1-5, Matthew 6:1-4

Possible ministry categories: Christian Action Ministries, Liturgical Ministries

Helps Total:

The gift of helps will give you the opportunity to help other members of the Body grow in their service. You will feel needed as you relieve others of tasks that are burdening them.

Possible ministry categories: Social Ministries, Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Liturgical Ministries, Office Help, Parish Gift Store.

Hospitality Total:

The Holy Spirit enables some of us to willingly and offer food and fellowship cheerfully to other people. A concern for the comfort of others may be a manifestation of the gift of hospitality. This gift involves having a knack for making people at ease, enjoying being in the presence of strangers. The gift of hospitality will give you the opportunity to be open and caring to those in need. read: Hebrews 13:1-2, Genesis 18:1-8

Possible ministry categories: Parish Nursery, Social Ministries, Parish Gift Store, Newcomer Ministries, Helping Hands, Eucharistic Minister to the Sick, Usher

Knowledge Total:

The Holy Spirit enables some of us to understand in an exceptional way the great truths of God's Word and to make them relevant to specific situations in the church and in daily life. To exercise the gift of knowledge, one enjoys learning, probably from childhood and on into adulthood. This gift involves knowledge of facts and relationships, of Scripture and of the tradition of the church, of the lives and works of church fathers and mothers, but also knowledge of the ways of sharing these learnings gracefully. read: Ephesians 3:14-19, Hosea 6:6

Possible ministry categories: Parish Gift Store, Faith Formation Ministries, Youth Ministry.

Leadership Total:

The gift of leadership will allow you to be a goal setter and leader of God's people. They will look to you for guidance and direction. Your leadership will bring glory to God and growth to His church.

Possible ministry categories: Committee Chairperson, Special Project Coordinator/Help, Picnic Booth Leader, Health Fair Leader, Multicultural Festival, Parish receptions; Faith Formation Workshop Helper/Session Facilitator, Wedding Hostess, Baptismal Host/Hostess, Parish Gift Store.

Mercy Total:

The Holy Spirit enables some of us to feel exceptional empathy and compassion for those who are weak or suffering so that they devote large amounts of time and energy to alleviate these conditions. To exercise the gift of mercy is to relate to others in kindness and compassion. This gift involves continual readiness to forgive those who have erred, comfort the bereaved, help those who face a crisis, minister to the sick, become a peacemaker or offer assistance to those in need. The things you will do will allow those who you serve to see the love of Christ in you through you. read: Luke 10:30-37, Micah 6:8

Possible ministry categories: Parish Nursery, Christian Action Ministries, Bereavement Support Team, Prayer Ministries, Eucharistic Minister to the Sick and Shut-In.

Music Total:

The Holy Spirit enables some of us to praise God through various forms of music and enhance the worship experience of the local congregation or the church at large. To exercise the gift of music may involve some skill in singing or in playing an instrument, but may also include the ability to select appropriate music for a worship service or parish event.

read: 1 Corinthians 14:26, Psalm 98:1, 4-6, Psalm150:3-6

Possible ministry categories: Music Ministries

Serving Total:

The Holy Spirit enables some of us to willingly share the burdens of others and help them in such a way that they can do their tasks more effectively. To exercise the gift of serving is to identify closely with the needs and problems of others, not providing answers or solutions, but being willing to work with them, no matter how small or how big the task may be. This gift involves a willingness to "pitch in" and do whatever is needed, no matter how detailed or tedious the task. The gift of serving will allow you to see things that need to be done. Often these are tasks overlooked by others, especially those in leadership positions. Assuming the role of the servant will bring you much joy and will build the Body of Christ. read: Galatians 6:1-2, Philippians 2:3-8

Possible ministry categories: Parish Nursery, Office Ministries, Newcomer Ministries, Social Ministries, Seasonal Activities, Liturgical Ministries, Blades of Grass Ministries, Health Ministries, Telephone Ministries, Parish Gift Store, Sharing Special Talents, Parish Life Ministries.

Shepherding Total:

The gift of shepherding will give you the ability to reach out and care in a spiritual manner for an individual or for a group. You will serve as one who is a counselor, and encourage, a shepherd, you will see that God's Word is fed to those in your care and you will also feel a responsibility for the general well being of the individual or group.

Possible ministry categories: Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Prayer Ministries, Parish Gift Store, Administration, Christian Action Ministries

Teaching Total:

The Holy Spirit enables some of us to communicate so that others can learn. To exercise the gift of teaching one effectively imparts information or proclaims precepts of truth, either vocally, visually or by example. The gift of teaching will give you the ability to share knowledge with members of the Body (children and/ or adults) that will serve in building them up in Christ. Your teaching will aid the growth and health of the Body. read: Hebrews 5:12-14, Isaiah 28:9-10

Possible ministry categories: Faith Formation, Liturgy: Children's Liturgy of the Word

Wisdom Total:

The Holy Spirit endows some of us with an understanding of God's will and work as it relates to the living of life. To exercise the gift of wisdom is to help others to discover the wisdom they have within them. This gift involves knowledge of God and of Scripture, discernment of God's will, and skill in analyzing the problems and dilemmas of life. The gift of wisdom will allow you to have a special understanding of situations which arise in people's lives. You will be able to offer counsel and advice. As you do this, the Body of Christ will become more healthy and grow. read Sirach 1:14-19, James 3:13-17, Ecclesiastes 9:13-18

Possible ministry categories: Bereavement Support Group, Christian Action, Helping Hands.

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