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Pastoral Council

St. Bernadette Parish supports the spiritual growth of its members through proclaiming the Word, building up the community, celebrating the liturgy, and serving all God's people. Parishioners are encouraged to participate actively in the priestly, prophetic and royal mission of Jesus to the world. The pastor has the central leadership role in the life of the parish. He carries out this role with the cooperation of other priests or deacons and the assistance of lay members of the Christian faithful including the The Pastoral Council.

Our Mission: The mission of St. Bernadette's Pastoral Council is to foster Christian community through worship of God and service to God's people by being Sowers of Christian Seed: Support, Enable, Encourage Develop Support the pastor, staff, parishioners, each other and various ministries of the parish. Enable ongoing communication between the pastor and the parishioners. Encourage and pray for the pastor, each other, parish ministries and greater community. Develop a sense of family community within the parish.

How Can We Serve You? Please feel free to introduce yourself to Pastoral Council members. To make it easier to identify Council members name badges are worn to church functions.

  • Pastoral Council members are available to receive positive comments and/or parishioner concerns.
  • Pastoral Council members will communicate parishioner comments to the pastor for discernment and resolution. Have a comment or suggestion? Send us an e-mail by selecting Pastoral Council from the drop down list.
  • The Pastoral Council will utilize church resources, ministries, and parishioners to address the needs of the parish.

How Can I Serve The Parish As A Pastoral Council Member? St. Bernadette Pastoral Council is open to adults who are registered in the parish and are active in the Faith Commitment program (time, talent and treasure). One active teen from the parish also serves on the council. Parishioners are invited to submit names of individuals to represent them on the Pastoral Council in the late spring and early summer. Individuals whose names are submitted are contacted and invited to a discernment process. Pastoral Council members serve a 2 or 3 year term.